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We support several Christian organisations and missionaries who are seeking to share and to show Christ’s love in a variety of contexts. This includes those involved in Bible translation, pastor training, church planting, radio ministry, disaster response and support for the discriminated against and vulnerable.



M**r Project

Our first link with the M**r project was when one of our members spent a gap-year home schooling missionary children in Kenya. The Church then committed to support the translation of the New Testament into the M**r language – a work carried out by Wycliffe Bible Translators. We now support literacy programmes that enable people to read the M**r New Testament in their own language.

Katherine O’Donnell grew up in Claverdon and Lapworth and her family are members of The Lees. She works with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tanzania where her role is to teach scripture engagement and usage to church leaders. This is a very challenging role especially as many communities there are traditionally not Christian. When back in the UK she teaches at Redcliffe Missionary College in Gloucester.

European Christian Mission is concerned with establishing Christian churches across Europe and focuses on places where there is little or no evangelical witness. Alongside this they are involved in many humanitarian causes including poverty relief, helping refugees and those with learning disabilities.

Delyth Sutton, an ECM missionary, hails from Walsall and works in  Cordoba, Spain, where she is involved in women’s ministries, gospel outreach and church support.

Robert and Jessie Galbraith have been missionaries in Brazil for over 40 years. Originally they worked with UFM in the Amazon Interior region but since reaching retirement age they work independently from a base in Manaus. They are involved in training Pastors, preaching and Sunday School work.

FEBA Radio works with Christian partners in communities across Africa, Asia and the Middle East to transform lives through life-giving information presented via the media of radio and internet. Key areas of focus are: a) Emergency Response, b) Health & well-being, c) Peace & reconciliation, d) Displaced people, d) Persecuted believers and e) Churches in community. FEBA engages in the planning of future programmes, preparation of daily broadcasting schedules, formulating regular programmes, follow up of listeners in community and answering correspondence. Often these things have to be done with extra special care as even listening to a Christian broadcast in some communities can be extremely dangerous and yet many listeners are prepared to risk their very lives to hear the good news offered by radio and social media.

David Taylor grew up in Lapworth. He and his wife Andrea set up an entrepreneurial business mission called Untangled, which currently focuses on business development in Malawi. As with many established UK companies (Cadbury, Sainsbury, Lever Bros.) their approach to business is distinctively Christian as they seek to instil the ethics and values of God’s kingdom into each of their enterprises.

Their aim is encourage Pastors and Christians by enabling them to start businesses which can then provide financial stability to their communities.

Project Timothy was a project developed by our previous Pastor, Gerald Tanner. It is a programme in Uganda for training church leaders to understand and teach the scriptures. Our particular focus is on supporting an annual conference for church leaders in Uganda.


 Birmingham City Mission is engaged in gospel outreach to the city and with helping the many needy people in the city’s various communities. We support individual workers who can           often been found preaching in the city streets. We also support the mission’s many activities that seek to support the homeless, the elderly and the poor.

Just Caring Midlands is a Christian charity that started in 2012 with the aim of helping   vulnerable young adults who may otherwise fall through the gaps in the system. Those helped may be ex-prisoners, those with mental health issues or people who find life in  the modern world a challenge.


Richard Norton of Siloam Christian Ministries grew up in Lapworth and lives in Leamington.  His organisation works in over 18 countries with the goal of meeting people’s needs through medical aid, education and social relief, in partnership with local workers.

TEAR Fund is one of the UK’s leading relief organisations which is primarily supported by Christian Churches. We support them annually and will respond to particular crises when they arise.

Barnabas Fund seeks to aid Christian communities in the world who suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faith. They also raise awareness about the persecuted church and contest for justice when the    opportunity arises.


Christian Witness to Israel and Jews for Jesus are both engaged in helping Jews at home and overseas to recognise Jesus as their promised Messiah. They do this through street evangelism in many major world cities and through visiting the homes of people in predominantly Jewish areas.

The Christian Institute exists for “the furtherance and promotion of the Christian religion in the United Kingdom” and “the advancement of education”. They work with government, policy advisers and lawyers to ensure that Christians are given a voice and that their perspectives are heard.